Exercise procedure

Successful play in one-on-one confrontations is the sign of an accomplished goalkeeper. Staying cool, being brave, and letting your confidence unsettle and pressurise your opponent are some of the most important things to be able to do in a one-on-one confrontation.


Two players supply a central player (green) with balls. After receiving the ball, the player attempts to score a goal. Playing off the goalkeeper is allowed. The goalkeeper narrows the angle quickly, keeps his eyes on the ball and the player’s hips, remains vertical for as long as possible, and points his arms towards the ground with his hands open so as to fend off the ball at the correct moment. Just like in the real game, the attacking player does not have an unlimited amount of time to act.

After a successful attempt, the green player runs back to the starting point. The goalkeeper returns to the goal, without averting his eyes from what is going on as part of the exercise. Keep steadily increasing the intensity of the exercise.


- Goal shot coming out of a turn

Soccer coach tips

- Goal shot coming out of a turn
- Remain vertical for as long as possible
- Narrow the angle
- Plenty of energy when attacking the ball
- Keep hands open

Organisation of the training exercise

Category: Advanced training, Children’s training, Youth training

Minimum group size:Three players, one goalkeeper

Maximum group size:Three players, one goalkeeper

Materials required: An adequate supply of balls; four cone markers, one goal

Field size: Distance of cones from each other and size of goal according to ability.