Exercise procedure

Every goalkeeper should have a fast reaction speed and our billiards exercise will test this.
This exercise is not only very effective; it is also a great deal of fun for the goalkeeper and the coach. This exercise uses a lot of balls. We ran out of balls in the animation, but we have the advantage that we can make them reappear out of thin air.


We’ll line up a row of balls straight in front of the goal. A second row of balls is placed a little farther away. These are the balls that are going to be kicked. The coach shoots the first ball at the goal. If he hits a ball from the first row, this will also move towards the goal. If he doesn’t hit another ball, his shot will reach the goal. The goalkeeper’s job is to keep any ball from crossing the line, that’s why he’s the goalkeeper.


- The goalkeeper stands with his back to the shooter and only turns around when called.

Soccer coach tips

- Be careful when you shoot. The ball must be kicked hard, but stay low.

Organisation of the training exercise

Category: Advanced training, children’s training, youth training, seniors

Minimum group size:1 goalkeeper, 1 player

Maximum group size:1 goalkeeper, 1 player

Materials required: Enough balls, one goal

Field size: According to ability