Partner Rectangle

Exercise procedure

Make sure to take note of the exercise variation!
Despite constant running, both goalkeepers should keep rolling the ball to their partner precisely. In our animation, one goalkeeper calmly picks up the ball and the other stretches his upper body towards it while falling. The goalkeepers should be familiar with this technique.


The goalkeepers each move along one line in a rectangle, parallel to each other.
At the end of a line, after passing the cone that is placed there, one goalkeeper rolls the ball to his partner. The partner then picks up the ball and runs to the other side. The process is then repeated.


- The ball is rolled across and back.
- The goalkeeper without the ball runs to alternate corners and waits there for the ball.
- The goalkeeper who picks up the ball motions to a free corner in the rectangle; the other goalkeeper moves to that corner because that is where the ball will be rolled to next.

Soccer coach tips

- The goalkeeper must secure the ball. There must be enough time for that.

Organisation of the training exercise

Category: Advanced training, children’s training, youth training, seniors

Minimum group size: 2 goalkeeper

Maximum group size: 2 goalkeeper

Materials required: One ball, four cone markers

Field size: According to ability