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Basics for goalkeeper training...

The right time to start goalkeeper training – tips for soccer trainers.

It has previously been said that specific goalkeeper training is not necessary in children's soccer. Children should not be given fixed positions to play and so every child should have a turn in goal. Goalkeeping exercises can be done with all the children together. Therefore they are not really exercises for the goalkeeper.

Coordination training is the solution. You will find good suggestions for relevant exercises under ‘Ball Control’. They bring the hands and the rest of the body in contact with the ball and lay down the basics for good goalkeeping through coordination training sessions.

Specific goalkeeper training can start at around 10 to 11 years old. This does not mean that from this point on certain children are trained just as goalkeepers; but that we start with easy catching exercises and an explanation of the special rights goalkeepers have, in order simply to convey fundamental tactics.

The following is true for all ages: For the past seven years the goalkeeper has joined in the game, this wasn’t always the case. Therefore he should not be left out of team training. A good goalkeeper is also a technically well trained outfield player.

In selecting our indoor training exercises we haven’t just considered sports halls but also gyms with limited floor space. The contents of several exercises are very strongly developed and many illustrations are included.