Warm-Up – Soccer Drills Selection

General ideas about warming up

There is no other topic which has been discussed as controversial as warming up in sports. Stretching, yes or no? If yes, then how? Warming up with or without a ball? Only three questions in a wide range of topics which are still up for discussion.

Partly, opinions vary a great deal and as a soccer coach, one should always be informed which scientific findings are most up-to-date. Within a few years everything that is right now can be completely wrong.

That sounds bad and that is what it is supposed to be. We have discussed a lot which warm up exercises are to be presented on Soccerpilot. Finally, we have decided to focus on two aspects:

1. One always warms up with a ball! If not, it is just playing catch or activity games.

2. Warming up is an introduction to the main part.

This should correspond to the latest opinions on modern soccer practice.