Exercise procedure

Instead of the pictured coordination ladder you could use loops, more slalom sticks or other facilities suitable for coordination training. Try to get as much players as possible in the action circle to avoid standby times. You can also include various movements in this exercise which makes it to the perfect warm up exercise. Depending on demand and capability everything is possible.


Build an exercise field, shaped as circle. The circle is marked by four little goals of pylons. Between the goals, the players are practicing coordinative movements without ball. Arriving at the goals of pylons, they are getting an accurate pass and play the ball back immediately. There are players in the circle who are responsible for the exact passing and the smooth flow. These players are exchanged constantly. Keep the different options in mind.


- After finishing his run, a player changes his position with a player in the circle
- Running clockwise
- Different movements at the respective stations
- The ball is thrown in medium-height and then passed back
- The ball is thrown at full height and passed back by heading

Soccer coach tips

- Pay attention that the players have recreation breaks
- Concentration during passing the ball

Organisation of the training exercise

Category: Advanced training, Children’s training, Youth training, Seniors

Minimum group size: Depending on speed and field size

Maximum group size: Depending on speed and field size

Materials required: Sufficient balls, coordination ladder, eight pylons, four slalom sticks and four mini obstacles

Field size: Depending on capability