Dribbling On Command

Exercise procedure

This is an easy exercise for warm up. The coach instructs the team. The whole space should be occupied for this exercise. Other than shown in the animation, you should limit the space by markings.


The players are moving with the ball and are dribbling and following the instructions of the coach. Please pay attention to the technical capabilities of the players.


Instruction examples:
- Only with the right foot
- Only with the left foot
- Trick
- Turn
- Right foot/left foot by turns
- Playing the ball with the sole of foot
- Backward
- Backward, only with the left foot
Et cetera…

Soccer coach tips

- Clear and distinct instructions
- Always train using both legs!

Organisation of the training exercise

Category: Advanced training, Children’s training, Youth training

Minimum group size: -

Maximum group size: -

Materials required: Every player has a ball.

Field size: Depending on the total amount of players. Please limit the space with markings.